This section provides information about offices, rooms, and other facilities that may be of use to the geography community in the department, college, and University.

Walker Building entrance



Lab, Conference and Computer Room Scheduling


To schedule any of the rooms below please contact Melissa Weaver 


319 Walker is the E. Willard Miller Seminar Room and can be used for department events.

337 Walker is a conference room which may be used for committee meetings, examinations, faculty meetings, and any other legitimate departmental use.

Rooms 123, 208, 229 and 333 Walker are computer labs.

The department houses several research centers and labs in the Walker Building.



Map Resources

The Donald W. Hamer Maps Library in 1 Central Pattee contains one of the most complete U.S. Geological Survey collections available. It also houses 4,000 atlases, reference books, and gazetteers.