Web Tips for Authenticated Users

You are responsible for the content that appears on your profile page.


For starters

  • Always log in first on the home page (www.geog.psu.edu) by clicking Login in the upper right hand corner and using your Penn State access account ID (abc123) to authenticate when/if prompted.
  • Do not use the "Edit Profile" link in the user tools on the home page. Navigate to your people profile page to edit it.
  • Click on the "Edit" tab to open your profile page for editing.
  • For questions and concerns: Contact Angela Rogers geography@psu.edu
  • If you are editing your page and you make a serious mistake, quit immediately and your mistake will go away. Open your browser and log in again to resume your work. Conversely, save often as you are working, by using the save button at the very bottom of the page template. If you close without saving, your work will be lost.

Do not alter

  • Type
  • Classification
  • Weight
  • Menu Settings
  • Book Outline
  • URL path settings
  • Input format
  • Automatic alias


Office Hours

If you are holding office hours this semester, please review and update your office hours at the beginning of the term. This component is in the Teaching/Research section (after the Office Information but before Education).  You can set different hours for different days. Please use University style for the formatting of the hours, e.g.: 9:00 a.m., noon, 2:30 p.m. See image below.

Adviser (for graduate students)

  • If your adviser is within the Department of Geography, use the first Adviser section. Type your adviser’s last name into the first field and it will look up that person, autofill the name, and automatically link to their profile page. You may include two advisers here, one in each field.
  • If your adviser is outside the Department of Geography, use the second Adviser section. Type your adviser’s name in full and add a link or email if you wish. This is just a text field with no auto functions.


This is for an image of you. It should be 144 by 144 pixels and 72 dpi. Remember to include your name in the image tag field.


Other Links

Consider adding links to your career and research profiles hosted by outside entities such as https://chroniclevitae.com/, https://www.academia.edu/, AAG Jobs in Geography Center, etc. Yes, you should have these.


These can be images from travel and fieldwork. Any photos should be saved at 72 dpi for web, and please include a caption. The caption can be short, a two or three-word phrase describing the image; this is a best practice and also important for accessibility.

Portfolio files and any attachments

Please use accessible documents. Avoid uploading PDFs and instead use .docs. Learn more about accessibility at Penn State here: http://accessibility.psu.edu/

For articles and publications

Please provide a link to the journal’s web site and your article there. Avoid uploading PDFs for both accessibility and copyright reasons.

Also consider using a Digital Object Identifer (DOI) for a more stable link, if your journal subscribes.


Related Penn State Policies

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