Academic Enrichment Support

Undergraduate and graduate students traveling for conference attendance, research, or fieldwork may apply for funding through the academic enrichment fund. Please read the following guidelines. Use this form to apply.
  • Submission of an application does not guarantee funding. Partial funding may be awarded.
  • Funding will be in the form of reimbursement upon completion of travel or academic experience.
  • Travel funds are generally awarded during fiscal years that run July 1 to June 30. Please do not request reimbursement of a trip taken in May, for example, at the following September application deadline.
Undergraduate Students
  • You must be registered as a full-time (at least 12 credits per semester) undergraduate student in the Department of Geography.
  • Fall funding application deadline is the end of the semester
  • Spring funding application deadline is March 1. Recipients will be notified by March 17.
Graduate Students
  • You must be current in meeting your program deadlines for exams and proposals. Master's students beyond their second year and Ph.D. students beyond their fourth year are not eligible for academic enrichment funding.
  • Fall funding application deadline is September 15. Recipients will be notified by September 29.
  • Spring funding application deadline is February 15. Recipients will be notified by February 28.

Travel reimbursements

After you complete your travel, submit a completed travel support form with the appropriate receipts to the bookkeeper (Karen Cox, 302 Walker). If you need help completing the form, e-mail Karen. Keep the following policies in mind when planning your travel:
  • Airfare will only be reimbursed when an approved University travel agency has been used to book airfare. (A list of approved travel agents is available here.) If you find a discount fare that is cheaper than through approvel travel agents, you must print and submit documentation from the University's online travel system, Travelport, verifying that the purchased ticket was cheaper than what was listed on Travelport for the same trip. The date of the search on Travelport and the ticket purchase date must match. No exceptions are made for this required documentation.
  • When traveling on an e-ticket, please request a receipt at the desk, gate or computer check-in at the airport for reimbursement.
  • Please note, if your expenses exceed your travel award, it may be more efficient for you to claim reimbursement for expenses other than airfare, rather than go through the required airfare documentation procedure.
  • Reimbursement will be direct-deposited into your bank account (only if currently funded by the university) or a check will be mailed to your local address.
  • Itemized hotel receipts are required. Please note that if the hotel is booked using an Internet site like Expedia or Travelocity, the hotel will not give you an itemized receipt. You must submit proof (along with your Internet receipt) that you stayed at the hotel (such as a business card from the hotel, parking receipt on hotel stationery, etc.)
  • You may expense meals at the per diem rate or by the amount you spent. Look up per diem rates at here. Please submit a copy of Meals Settlement Calculator Page when you request your reimbursement. Meal receipts are not required.
  • Use the private vehicle mileage calculator to calculate mileage reimbursement. Submit a copy of that page with your reimbursement request. Documented verification of destination if required to claim mileage, such as a receipt from gas, a hotel, or a meal.
Other reimbursements
  • Submit receipts with proof of participation to the department's bookkeeper ( Karen Cox) in 302 Walker.