The list below displays resident undergraduate and graduate geography courses taught by department faculty and teaching assistants. By clicking on the course links, you will see information such as a description, semester typically offered, general education requirements it satisfies, etc. To narrow down this list, for instance to those typically offered in the spring semester or those that satisfy the GH general education requirement, select the appropriate check boxes and click on "filter."

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GEOG 362: Image Analysis
GEOG 364: Spatial Analysis
GEOG 397A: Energy Futures
GEOG 411W: Forest Geography
GEOG 414: Landscape Ecology
GEOG 430 WEB: Human Use of Environment
GEOG 432: Energy Policy
GEOG 464: Analysis and GIS
GEOG 494 or GEOG 494H: Research Project in Geography
GEOG 590: Colloquium
GEOG 596: Individual Studies
GEOG 600: Thesis Research