Science and Technology

Science and technology are integral to the approach toward nature-society and human-environment geography of the Penn State Geography Department.


  • Petra Tschakert has used CENTURY, a biogeochemical model to simulate soil and biomass carbon contents in dryland farming systems.
  • A focus of Brent Yarnal's career has been on developing methods and tools to address global change and variation problems, ranging from automated map-pattern recognition programs, to advanced multivariate statistics, to integrated Earth system models, and to geocollaborative technologies (with GeoVISTA). Some of his current research, for instance, involves integration of storm surge models, digital elevation models, and geographic information systems of demographics, taxes, and infrastructure.
  • Karl Zimmerer's research is engaged with remote sensing, GIScience, and geospatial technologies. He also researches the historical and ongoing evolution of environmental scientific model and perspectives in geography and related fields. His current project involves the significance of landscape and cartographic science in the development of human-environment models from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to the present.