The GeoVISTA Center

GeoVISTA, (the Geographic Visualization Science, Technology, and Applications Center) is devoted to fundamental and applied scientific research on the visualization of geo-referenced information, development of geographic visualization (GVis) technologies, and the application of both in science, industry, decision-making, and education. The Center directs particular attention to research that links GVis with other components of geographic information science and thus to the integration of many perspectives on geographic representation. Involved Geography Department Members: Director Alan MacEachren; Associate Director Donna Peuquet; Faculty Associates in Geography: Cindy Brewer, Alexander Klippel, Gouray Cai, and Deryck Holdsworth; Research Faculty: Justine Blanford, Frank Hardisty, and Anthony Robinson and Research Staff: Scott Pezanowski. There are also nine additional faculty associates in other departments at Penn State.

The Human Factors in GIScience lab as part of the GeoVISTA Center is devoted to advance the understanding of how humans cognize geographic space. Research related to this question addresses how humans communicate spatial information in different modalities (e.g, linguistically and graphically), how cognitive processes can be characterized formally, or how to advance emprical methods to learn about spatial cognition. As such, the Human Factors Lab is interdisciplinary group collaborating with researchers in geography, linguistics, information science and technology, informatics, and psychology. The lab is directed by Alexander Klippel.