Scholarship and Research Integrity (SARI)

The Scholarship and Research Integrity (SARI) program at Penn State is designed to offer graduate students comprehensive, multi-level training in the responsible conduct of research (RCR), in a way that is tailored to address the issues faced by individual disciplines.

The SARI program is implemented by Penn State colleges and graduate programs in a way that meets the particular needs of each unit's students. While all graduate students will benefit from the discussion-based portion of the SARI program, the online CITI program will be most applicable to students who will be engaged in thesis-directed research. If your college includes professional masters degrees to which the CITI RCR program may not be applicable, you may request a waiver for these programs when submitting your program plan.

The SARI program in the Department of Geography has two parts:

  1. During the first week of GEOG 500, the SARI program is reviewed, and students take a CITI Program course
  2. An additional five hours of training are included in GEOG 502

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