Geography Undergraduate Research Opportunities Connection (UROC)


UROC year-end presentation

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Connection (UROC) offers research and professional development opportunities in the Department of Geography. 

These opportunities allow undergraduate students to gain valuable research experience and technical skills through collaboration on projects within the department and supervised by faculty and/or graduate students, as well as 1-3 credit hours to apply towards graduation. This is  a valuable resume-building experience for undergraduate students and can be beneficial for both future employment and graduate school.

Current Projects

For current projects, go to:

Undergraduate students: If you are interested in applying for any of these research projects, please complete the online application form (

If you are interested in gaining specific skill or a research opportunity that is not listed, please let us know as well.  We can circulate your interest among the graduate students and faculty to see if someone would be capable and willing to set up an opportunity geared towards your specific needs.  In other words, it never hurts to ask (but no guarantees that a match can be made).

 View Past Projects

Graduate students: If you would like to submit a research project, please complete the online project submission form.

If you have any questions, please email Jodi Vender (

 The UROC program began in Spring 2014 and has greatly benefited both graduate and undergraduate students of Penn State's Department of Geography.