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Department of Geography Research Centers and Labs

GeosyntheSES Laboratory 

Geographic Synthesis for Integrative Human- and Social-Ecological Sustainability

002 Walker Building

Director: Karl Zimmerer


Devoted to advancing the understanding of how humans cognize geographic space

225 Walker Building

Director: Alexander Klippel

GeoInformatics and Earth Observation (GEO) Laboratory

Development and application of GeoInformatics algorithms to analyze remote sensing big data

205 Walker Building

Director: Guido Cervone

GeoVISTA Center 

Integrated and innovative research in GIScience

206 and 210 Walker 

206 Walker Building: to check for availability please contact Melissa Weaver

Director: Alan MacEachren

MAPS! Peter R. Gould Center for Geography Education and Outreach

Excellence in cartography 

215 Walker Building

Director: Jodi Vender

Riparia Research Center

Wetlands and related ecosystems and the issues surrounding their regulation and management

217 Walker Building

Director: Robert Brooks

Vegetation Dynamics Lab

Identifying the causes and consequences of vegetation change in ecological communities

226 Walker Building

Director: Alan Taylor

Landscape Ecology at Penn State (LEAPS)

Focused on understanding important processes at the interface of landscape and ecosystem ecology

222 Walker Building

Director: Erica Smithwick

Penn State Lab for Analysis of Culture and Environment (PLACE)

Facilitating collaborative learning, research, and training among graduate students doing research in “human geography,” broadly conceived

324 Walker Building

Director: Katherine Foo